Trident3D was started in March 2006 as a 3D graphics and programming contracting company. We provide openGL programming, 3D modeling / animation, and pipeline tools development.

Some key systems that Trident3D has integrated into NVESD's Night Vision Image Generator software suite are:

  • NVAL - Night Vision Animation Library is a skeletal deformation system
  • Sky dome / cloud system with full diurnal cycle
  • Upgrades to a pre-existing GLSL shader system including environment texture mapping and dynamic system links
  • Custom model parameters for effects such as rotating tank wheels or engine run-time
  • Rendering performance enhancements for displaying entire forests with dynamic LODs
  • Openflight Terrain Converter for use in multiple terrain conversions unique to each simulation
  • Modeled over 140+ real-time vehicles, humans and weapons with multiple LODs and damage states
  • 3DSMax export plug-in and multiple MaxScript workflow scripts
  • 3D Model Auto Documentation Utility - produces an HTML webpage automatically from directory of models complete with individual file properties
  • Scorched Earth plug-in - for displaying burn mark on terrain when a detonation occurs
  • Random clutter system for displaying trash, IEDs, and other objects in the simulated area of interest
  • Billboard texture effect system
  • NVIG Common Class Plug-in - unified object that all network protocols use to generate uniform system calls


NVESD NVIG Software Suite


Currently Trident3D is developing a cross-platform graphics engine codenamed 'Harpoon' 


Copyright (c) 2006-2010 Trident3D